The expansibility of the field of struggle

Artist: Cătălin Burcea
Curator: Marius Tănăsescu
May 17 – June 25, 2013

The expansibility of the field of struggle aims to be a possible form of capturing in concrete forms the gaseous state of the human rights, through artistic means such as installation art, photography and video art. The exhibition is, therefore, a way to problematize the real, although imperfect, state of the human rights in relation with an “ideal” system of which we are all a part. If expansibility is a natural quality of these human rights, their politization is an intrinsic part of our ways to interpret them, to manipulate them in a collective manner through spectatorial participation and direct (artistic) action.

Cǎtǎlin Burcea: n. 1966. Lives and works in Bucharest. Co-foounder and project coordinator of ALERT Studio (White Code). His favorite mediums are photography, video, digital media, conceptual writing. He is mainly preoccupied by the — sometimes hardly detectable — dynamics of the systems and methods of manipulation, especially those in the political realm. He is following attentively the exposure, the disponibility and permeability of the „target audience” to these practices. His main sources of inspiration: advertising, television, urban culture and Internet world.

Marius Tănăsescu (n. 1972) is a Bucharest – based artist and curator. Background in art history and cultural management. His curatorial activities include: The Canadian Pavilion Les affinités sélectives / Selective Affinities, Prague Biennial 5 (2011); In Between Frames, National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Bucharest (co-cura-tor 2011); Like an Attali Report, but different, Fondation Kadist, Paris (assistant curator, 2008); Prague Biennial 3 (project coordinator, 2007). He was Editorial Assistant at Flash Art magazine, Milan, Italy (2005-2007), and Cultural Projects Coordinator at “Pro Helvetia”, the Swiss Foundation for Culture, Bucharest, Romania (1999-2001). As an artist, he works mainly in video, photograph and collage. His work has been shown in galleries and festivals in Ferrara (Italy), The Hague (Netherlands), Tucson (USA), Sharjah (UAE), Montreal (Canada) Cluj and Bucharest (Romania).