Star Digs Hole in Space

Artists: Juliaan Andeweg & Daniel van Straalen
Curator: Florin Ștefan
May 28 – July 10, 2015

There’s a wooden board leaning against the wall. There’s a hole in the board, about the size of a glass; light seeps through the hole, allowing us to look beyond it: at the wall.

Objects made by Juliaan Andeweg and Daniel van Straalen’s occupy the space. They move them around as if there were a method or preassigned arrangement. Juliaan places his green monochromes, blue monochromes, yellow monochromes, and dull black monochromes. Some of these have corrugated surfaces, while others are studded. Daniel has left a tower of pizza-boxes that eyes taller than tall. Elsewhere he has hung venetian blinds from the ceiling, which also are way too long, and dangle across the floor. It makes me think of those lanky kids who, just after a growth spurt, never quite know what to do with their arms. I smile sadly, at the terrible inanity of it all.

The stars are gone. There are just holes in space.

Not very impressed by this news, Daniel grunts as he inserts two of his own silkscreens into the space. Each work depicts a T-shirt, one of which read Contemporary Art Daily across the chest – I guess he just likes the art administration to which his own work belongs. The other T-shirt is plain white.
Juliaan is busy with his brand new studded monochromes. The virulent shade of green is alarming. He appears to have procured it from the deranged brain of a child. These things they chose to fill their space with.

Daniel van Straalen (1987) explores in his work the process of making, focusing often on the work’s self-reflexivity. His methodology, which is often stolen from his very own colleagues, touches playfully upon the various ambiguities around ownership. An object’s functionality is often humorously turned against itself, rendered useless in the process.
Daniel graduated from the KABK in 2012, and is currently represented by Galerie Stigter van Doesburg in Amsterdam. Daniel has curated (Nest, Oude Kerk, Stigter van Doesburgh), and shown in various group shows (Leo XIII, Boetzelaar Nispen, 1646), and solo shows (Stigter van Doesburg). He has participated in the artfairs: Liste, Basel, ArtRotterdam, and Officielle Paris. Daniel lives and works in the Hague.

The practise of Juliaan Andeweg (1986) concerns itself with the representation of eminence. His use of non-traditional materials; resin, fiberglass, epoxy, plastic and car paint, stem from his childhood of trading cards, and tuning scooters. Immateriality is aspired towards, but sought for in that which is immanent. The often fluted canvas- structures create depth, and play with light. The work itself is accompanied by layers of residue, or traces from the studio that echoes the process of making.
Juliaan graduated from the KABK in The Hague in 2012. He is currently represented by gallery Martin van Zomeren. Juliaan has curated (Juliette Jongma, Nieuwe Vide), and participated in various shows (Juliette Jongma, Gem, Stroom), and fairs (FIAC Paris, ArtRotterdam). He is currently a resident at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam.

[Daniel Vorthuys]