Towards a Shared Vision

Young Romanian Artists in European Contemporary Art 2023

Curator: Mihai Zgondoiu
Project lead: Florin Ștefan

Artists: Ioana Aron, Sasha Bandi, Mathias Bar, Mirela Cerbu, Traian Cherecheş, Dragoş Dogioiu, Vivien Fritz, Adrian Ghiman, Ana Messer, Andrei Pituţ, Dimitrie Luca Gora, Daria Langa, Bogdan Matei, Andreea Medar, Marta Mattioli, Ada Nicolaescu, Virgil Puiac, Andra Purdea, Corina Păcurar, Emma Păvăloaia, Andrei Şendrea, Radu Mihai Tanasă, Teona Toderel
Guest: French artist Lou Faroux, in collaboration with Artagon Association Paris and Institut français Cluj-Napoca


On Thursday 26 October, starting 6 p.m., at Centrul de Interes, Fundaţia Culturală Intact opens the “Towards a Shared Vision” exhibition. Organised in partnership with the Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Local Council, Iulius Mall and Banca Transilvania, the project brings together twenty-three Romanian artists of the young generation, active in the country’s major university centers – Iași, Bucharest, Timișoara and Cluj-Napoca -, but also on prestigious international stages. Their selection was made, by an advisory committee, based on a larger number of proposed portfolios.

An important event of the year for Romanian art, “Towards a Shared Vision” represents a continuation of the support programme dedicated to young Romanian artists, initiated and run by Fundaţia Culturală Intact since its establishment in 2000. In the same context, alongside a series of artistic residencies offered over the years, are large-scale international exhibitions to which the Foundation has joined as a partner.

The Jeune Création Européenne Biennale, an initiative of the Montrouge Town Hall in Paris, is one such example. Fundaţia Culturală Intact and the city of Cluj-Napoca were invited to take part in two editions of this project by including selected groups of young Romanian artists in an ambitious European exhibition circuit. The difficult years of the Covid-19 pandemic were decisive for the Montrouge Town Hall’s decision to put an end to this European project, but its success in Romania motivates the continuation of this initiative in a new format, this time on a national scale.

With the launch of the project at Centrul de Interes, an international jury appointed by Fundaţia Culturală Intact will select three winners, with the award ceremony to be set at a later date. Financial prizes and diplomas will be awarded with the support of partners Iulius Mall and Banca Transilvania.

The curator of this edition is artist and university lecturer Mihai Zgondoiu, and the producer of the project is artist and university professor Florin Ștefan, director of Fundaţia Culturală Intact and Centrul de Interes Federation.

Production team: Andrei Budescu, Ovidiu Leuce, Călin Colăcel
Project assistant: Delia Avram
PR & Communication: Gabriela Mocan
Design: Vlad Sulea
Web editor: Iulia Crişan

Partners: Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Local Council, Iulius Mall, Banca Transilvania through the BT Contemporary Art programme, EnergoBit, Weberbau, Institut français Cluj-Napoca, Artagon Association Paris

Media partners: Agenţia de Carte,, Media9, Propagarta, Modernism, Actual de Cluj