Noah’s Ark

Artists: Douglas Gordon (UK), Peter Kogler (AT), Allora & Calzadilla (USA)
Adel Abdessemed (FR), Nira Pereg (IL), Anna Jermolaewa (RU/AT),
Ciprian Mureşan (RO), Michel Blazy (FR), William Wegman (US), Guy Ben-Ner (IL)
Curator: Ami Barak
January 24 – February 27, 2013

Douglas Gordon (UK), One Night With an Old Soul (2008)
Peter Kogler (AT), Untitled (2012)
Allora & Calzadilla (USA), Raptor’s Rapture (2012)
Adel Abdessemed (FR), Usine (2008)
Nira Pereg (IL), 67 Bows (2006)
Anna Jermolaewa (RU/AT), Motherhood (1999)
Ciprian Mureşan (RO), Dog Luv (2009)
Michel Blazy (FR), Still Alive (2012)
William Wegman (US), Two Dogs and Ball (1972)
Guy Ben-Ner (IL), Second Nature (2008)

The idea of filming the animal is not new, but it appears that the thoughts continue to be refined over time. This program aims to present a series of varied works that have as subjects all those living beings who are as much like us, and who, from the beginning, were the source of various attitudes that show the essential features of the humanity. (…) Rather than opening an inquiry into the human and animal, our program will prefer to reverse the terms of the proposal: it is on the side of the animal where is appropriate to check this relationship. Starting from the natural heritage that we share we will understand how “our beasts” contribute to structure our psyche.[Ami Barak]

Ami Barak curator, art critic, art advisor, lives and works in Paris. Head of the Visual Art Department, City Council of Paris, 2003-2008; Artistic Director and Coordinator of ‘Nuit Blanche’ (“Sleepless Night” Contemporary Art Festival) in Paris in 2003 and 2004; Director of the FRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Montpellier, 1993-2002; President of IKT (International Association of Contemporary Art Curators), 2002-2005; Member of AICA (International Association of Art Critics); Lecturer at the Paris Sorbonne I University.